FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Over 90,000 individual schools: 15,000 K12 School Districts, 5,000 colleges and universities, all fifty (50) State Departments of Education (DOEs), thousands of State and Local Government agencies.

  • We have a large and dedicated team of experience “bid data-miners” that monitor the URLs of schools, colleges, and state and local government agencies using sophisticated search technology.

  • Yes, we have four(4) programs for National coverage, Regional coverage (5 states), Individual State coverage (one state) – and deep local coverage.

  • We send (email) the bids out daily six (6) days a week.

  • We monitor all procurement market sectors that schools put out for bids and RFPs.

  • Yes, our Bid Support Team is available by email or telephone on bids we send to you. Our Customer Service Help Desk can assist you with any questions you have about the bid details or submitting a bid response to the sponsoring school or agency.

  • We provide a free “Random Sample Bid” program for current and recent bids in your market sector(s).

  • We can provide references upon request. Another way is to just Google “RFPSchoolWatch.” You will see hundreds of references to our company with customer associated information.

  • RFPSchoolWatch customers can use as many “key words” as necessary to capture the type of bids that they want to see for their individual company.

  • Usually up to 15 persons in each customer company can receive bids. Exceptions can be arranged for more than that if required.

  • Award information can be requested and provider for on bids of interest that you have responded to.

  • That depends on the market sector that you are in. Upon request, we will provide a historical estimate of the numbers of bids you can expect based on the last two years of bid production experience in that market sector area.

  • We believe we go deeper into the educational markets than our competition. School bids are our specialty. We cover over 90,000 schools in the US and Canada. We understand the procurement practices of the schools markets. We take the time to learn and understand what exact type bids and RFPs you really want to see. Our rates are very affordable. Your business is very important to us and we will always treat you as a valued customer.

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