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RFPSchoolWatchTM connects companies and school vendors with educational institution buyers: Win educational RFPs, educational bids, and educational contracts with RFPSchoolWatchTM

RFPSchoolWatchTM monitors 15,000 school districts (K-12) (90,000 Schools), over 8,000 universities and colleges, and all 50 state government Departments of Education (DOE) for RFP’s, ITB’s, RFI’s, RFQ’s and other procurement opportunities for vendors selling to the K-20 marketplace.

RFPSchoolWatchTM maintains a comprehensive database of educational bids (K12 School RFPs, Request for Proposal), school bids, contracts, RFQs, Request for Quotations), RFIs, Request for Information), educational auctions, educational tenders, educational projects, educationaal surplus, and other education related bidding and contracting information published by federal, state, county, city, municipal, local government, town agencies, and government agency buyers such as schools, colleges, universities and hundreds of K-12 Regional Buying Consortiums. The educational solicitation notices include pre-solicitation notices, active solicitations.
Daily notification on new bids from K12 Schools, Colleges, Universities, State Department of Education and federal government procurement opportunities that match your business interests.

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